Late Pleistocene and Holocene climatic variability in the Carpathian-Balkan region

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Central and Eastern Europe Paleoscience Symposium: From Local to Global


Cluj Napoca, RO

May 23, 2016 – May 24, 2016

To coincide with PAGES' annual SSC meeting, PAGES will host a symposium addressing various aspects of paleoclimatology for the Central and Eastern European paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental community.

Structure and program

This meeting will be open for participation to anyone from the regional past global change community. If you wish to apply for an oral presentation slot or poster space please submit an abstract (visit registration).

Key speakers will be invited and oral presentations and posters will be selected by the Scientific Committee.


Saturday 21-Sunday 22 May: SSC Meeting (for PAGES SSC and invited guests).
Monday 23-Tuesday 24 May: Paleoscience Symposium.
Monday 23 May: Conference dinner - optional.
Wednesday 25-Thursday 26 May: Field trips / Excursion (for anyone interested).




Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca

Venue info:


Session 1: Coordinated Global change research

The purpose of this session is to present the international research platforms Future Earth (of which PAGES is a core project) and WCRP (a PAGES partner), and the activities of PAGES itself. This session is also open to other contributions relevant to the theme of the symposium.

Session 2: The climate system from a paleo perspective

This session welcomes papers about research on the dynamics of the climate system from both the modeling and proxy data point of view. It includes global or regional climate modeling, with a special focus on Southeastern Europe.

Session 3: Landscapes, biota and biosphere interactions

The focus of this session is on biotic interactions and ecosystem variability in the past. It addresses the interactions within the biosphere system (in the broad sense), between the biosphere and the climate systems, as well as their feedbacks both from an observational and a modeling point of view. Papers on vegetation history and biotic response to climate in the past, in particular at the regional level, are also welcome.

Session 4: Interactions between humans and the environment

This session covers long-term environmental changes due to (at least partly) human activities and the societal impacts of these environmental changes. Regional case studies are particularly encouraged.

Session 5: Outreach - communicating past global change research to stakeholders

This session is dedicated to the question of how paleoscience can interact and communicate with stakeholders. Case studies, where results of paleo work were used by stakeholders, are welcome.

Session 6: Thresholds and extremes as examples of PAGES’ integrative activities

This session aims to highlight activities that provide insight into the future through the study of extreme events and thresholds in the past, their early detection, assessment of risk and the probability of occurrence.

Outreach event

An event involving the local community is being planned.

Abstract submission and registration
The abstract submission and registration portal is open.

You are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations (300  to a maximum of 1000 words). Use the A4 page size and font type Times New Roman, size 12 pts. Please use color figures, images and tables. Author’s affiliations and their email addresses are required. The presenting author’s name should be mentioned.

The registration fee (200 Euro) will cover meeting entry, coffee breaks, accommodation, meals and the conference dinner. Participants will need to cover the costs of their transport.

Financial support is available (see at registration).

Field trip

The excursion fee is 70 Euro and the trip will be organized in the Apuseni Mountains. The fee will cover the costs for transportation, accommodation and meals (dinner, breakfast and snacks).


The field trip is a two-day event (25 and 26 May 2016). The participants will leave the hotel in Cluj-Napoca on Wednesday morning and will travel for two days in the Apuseni Mountains ( visiting UNESCO sites, caves with palaeoclimatological potential, gorges, karst landscapes, and enjoying traditional Transylvanian architecture and Romanian cuisine.

In the evening of 26 May 2016, the participants will return to Cluj-Napoca.

Those who require accommodation for an extra night in Cluj-Napoca (26 May) need to inform us in advance so that we may arrange for this service.


Abstract submissions and applications for financial support: 21 March 2016
Symposium registration: 1 April 2016
Confirmation of attendance at conference dinner and excursions: 1 April 2016

Symposium Scientific Committee

Dr Marcel Mindrescu ( –Department of Geography, University of Suceava, Romania (Local Organizer)

Dr Daniel Veres ( Institute of Speleology, Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Local Organizer)

Dr Marie-France Loutre ( - PAGES International Project Office, Switzerland

Dr Lucien von Gunten ( - PAGES International Project Office, Switzerland

Dr. Sherilyn Fritz ( USA (PAGES SSC Member)

Dr. Hubertus Fischer ( Switzerland (PAGES SSC Member

Dr. Michal Kucera ( - Germany (PAGES SSC Member)


Organizing Committee

Ionela Grădinaru ( - Department of Geography, University of Suceava, Romania (General Secretary)

Dănuț Petrea - Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Geography, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Ionuț Cristea - Department of Geography, University of Suceava, Romania

Sonia Bors-Oprisa- University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca

Andrei Zamosteanu - Department of Geography, University of Suceava, Romania.

Additional info on previous conferences and outputs

The conference follows two previous PAGES-supported events which focused on climate changes in the Carpathian-Balkan region: Climate change in the Carpathian-Balkan region during the Late Pleistocene and Holocene (CBW2011 - and Late Pleistocene and Holocene climatic variability in the Carpathian-Balkan region (CBW2014 -

The most valuable contributions presented at these events were published in special volumes of the journal Quaternary International:

- Quaternary International, Special Issue: Advancing Pleistocene and Holocene climate change research in the Carpathian-Balkan region, (Volume 293, Pages 1-282:19 April 2013) edited by Daniel Veres and Marcel Mîndrescu

- Quaternary International, Special Issue: Late Pleistocene and Holocene climatic variability in the Carpathian-Balkan region, (Volume in progress, 24 articles published online, available in print in spring 2016) edited by Marcel Mîndrescu and Daniel Veres

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