Reconstruction of Late Holocene History of Romanian Rivers Based on Geomorphological and Dendrochronological Interpretation of Subfossil Trunks (RECONHIST)

The main objective of the project refers to the evaluation of rivers response to climate change from Late Holocene estimated using palaeoenvironment archive stored in sedimentary characteristics and tree rings growth of subfossil trunks. The study area is located in north part of Romania, respectively, the valleys of rivers Moldova, Suceava, Siret (East of Carpathians) and Someșul Mare and Someșul Mic Rivers (West of Carpathians).

The expected outcome of such an interdisciplinary research will also contribute to the formation of a dendrochronological series of tree rings of subfossil trunks with high replicability for a longer period from Early and Mid Holocene. The importance of creating dendrochronological series derives from the need of reconstructing events that induced modifications in the behaviour of river channels. Tree rings series are among the most precise methods of positioning events in time and for their creation it is necessary very old biological material which can be sampled from alluvial complex.

PN-II-RU-TE- 2014-4-0855
Nr. Proiect: 85/2015