Quality improvement of services in rural tourism - Comparative analysis regarding the satisfaction level of tourists accommodated in Neamţ County



Regarding the hospitality industry, it is very important that clients’ wishes are recognized in order to permanently ensure the quality of the tourism services. The questionnaire, as a statistic tool, is frequently used especially at the level of important hotel chains, but it also has an applicability to small-dimensioned accommodation structures. In the current paper such a questionnaire is applied in Neamţ County to “Buhalniţa Chalet” (Hangu commune), “Eden Boarding House” (Agapia commune) and “Mariko Inn” Hotel (Cordun commune), representative for the three different types of tourism practiced in each area (Izvorul Muntelui Lake touristic sub-zone - ecotourism, Târgu-Neamţ touristic zone - cultural-religious tourism and also Roman touristic sub-zone - transit tourism). The case study analyzes the satisfaction level of tourists who benefited from services offered by the tourist structures mentioned above, thus offering important information regarding the clients’ profile (from a social, ethnic, professional and financial perspective) and also on other relevant elements necessary in the process of improving the marketing strategy practiced by those accommodation structures.


satisfaction level, tourism marketing strategy, Neamt County, Buhalniţa Chalet, Eden Boarding House, Mariko Inn Hotel

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