Recreational Nature Use of the Karpato-Podilskiy region



 The authors offer their own methods to evaluate recreational nature use within the Karpato-Podilskiy region of Ukraine,
which includes Vinnytska, Zakarpatska, Ivano-Frankivska, Lvivska, Ternopilska,
Khmelnytska and Chernivetska administrative regions.
The factors that form modern interdependent and mutually conditioned structural model of
recreational nature use are thoroughly and consistently analyzed.
The territory favorability/non-favorability for recreational nature use shall become clear when
its A + B + C + D parameters are estimated. Evaluation of the territory natural conditions (A)
is carried out proceeding from evaluation of the following indices: A1 – the territory cultural
assimilation; A2 – the territory originality and exotica; A3 – the territory tourism capacity in
satisfaction of the recreant’s needs; B – the territory historic-cultural objects’ analysis; C – the
level of consumer service within the territory; D – the territory “recreational popularity”. The
above factors form a complex parameter of the territory recreational nature use.
Systematic use of the traditional, as well as projecting of the perspective places for recreation
and tourism would only win if we know the figures for the load experienced by the tourismrecreation
route (area). The tourism-recreation load (N) represents a proportion of the integral
index (S) of recreational nature use (A + A1 + A2 + A3 + B + C), and the days (M) spent within
said route. Thus, the formula: N = S/M, where S stands for the sum of A + A1 + A2 + A3 + B +
C, and M represents days spent by the recreant within the route, helps us see the extent to
which this or that route (area) is loaded.
The author accentuates upon the importance of rational use as well as on preservation
of the model of recreational nature use representing the product of nature, the ethnos’ ageslong
artwork, an original memory of the society’s natural, material and spiritual culture.




nature, recreation, Carpathians, Ukraine

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