Analysis of the dynamics of major tourism indices regarding infrastructure and tourist flows in hotels from Suceava county

George CHEIA


Among the types of accomodation units known and
accepted in tourism, hotels are the category that can provide the most
various services ranging from the highest quality, up to standard
medium and low. Suceava is not characterized by a very high number of
such establishments, but diversification of this structure subtypes
resulted in an increased dynamics of their numbers. This analysis covers
the 'classic hotels`and its newer subtypes youth hotels (according to the
old classifications), hostels and motels. Changes in these forms of
accommodation and in key tourism indicators (number of structures,
accomodation capacity, accomodation capacity/days, Romanian and
foreign tourists accomodated, overnight stays - Romanian and foreign
tourists) within them, was done for the years between 1995-2013 (with
data from 2012), and this study aims to highlight the real evolution of
this type of accommodation in Suceava compared between different
time intervals and reported to the main types, locations: balneary
resorts, mountain resorts, towns, municipalities, other localities. For a
proper analysis and performance, I used a number of tools specific to
the SPSS statistic programme.


tourism, hotels, Suceava county, SPSS

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