Circulation in the troposphere over Europe between 40 and 55 degree North latitude, with special focus on the western direction



This paper aims to be a contribution to the study of the currents in the upper and middle troposphere over Romania, in the context of European temperate zone, as the influence of the relief upon the western predominant influence, under the planetary boundary layer. Processing database from 19 European aerological stations, two in Romania, one in the intra-Carpathian area, Cluj-Napoca and one in the extra-Carpathian area, Bucharest. Romania is situated in the southern half of the European temperate zone. For this latitudinal area of the Europe, was selected a west-east profile, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Dnieper River. Preliminary analysis carried out for a total of just five years, led to the confirmation of the predominance of western circulation characteristic of temperate zones, in the middle and especially in the upper troposphere, but little to counter clearing, of the backward currents in the upper troposphere, tropopause and lower stratosphere eastward and northeastward, prospective currents of the Ferrel Cell circulation model. It was found discontinuous character of these currents and discontinuous character and increasing of the dominant western direction together with the altitude. From the forces acting on the wind direction, west direction was analyzed in correlation with the altitude and morphology of the relief in the case of the lower troposphere, where these parameters are important, also in the middle and upper troposphere was validated the influence of the Coriolis force.


the Coriolis force, prevailing westerlies, isobaric level, radiosounding

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