The impact of anthropogenic activities on components of the natural environment of the Titu Plain

Elena BOGAN, Doina STAN, Daniela VĂRVĂRUC


The anthropogenic activities on the environment cause topographic changes that have strong repercussions, some positive (afforestation, embankments) but other negative (deforestation, soil erosion, inning). The present study aims to analyze the current situation of the main anthropogenic activities in the area of Titu Plain, to highlight the negative impacts on the quality of the environment, and at the same time it proposes ways of reducing their adverse effect. Thus, there were studied the three essential components: water, air and soil, and were established the main problems that they currently acts as a result of the work carried out in this geographical area. It is also highlighted the human concern for the conservation and improvement of the quality of the environment, because the man begins to become more aware of the negative impacts of his activities on the environment


anthropogenic activities, environment, water, air, soil, Titu Plain

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