Dendrochronological assessment and radiocarbon dating of subfossil coniferous macroremains excavated from a peat bog, Maramures Mts, Romania

Matyas ÁRVAI, Ionel POPA, Marcel MÎNDRESCU, Balázs NAGY, Zoltán KERN


Fifty-six subfossil samples have been collected from a peat bog located on the Vinderel plateau, Farcău massif, Maramureș Mountains (Romania). The majority of wood-remains are Norway spruce (Picea abies) and Silver fir (Abies alba). The samples have been subjected to dendrochronological analysis and 7 samples were selected for AMS radiocarbon analysis. Seven floating chronologies have been developed from these subfossil samples, so far. The longest floating chronology contains 166 years and the shortest spans 47 years. Radiocarbon age obtained for the oldest and youngest samples are 1717 ± 19 yr 14C BP (255 – 388 cal AD) and 1039 ± 16 yr 14C BP (985 – 1023 cal AD), respectively.

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