Assessing the suitability of Scarisoara cave ice for glaciochemical research: a coupled chemical and water isotopic approach

Daniel VERES, Joël SAVARINO, Bruno JOURDAIN, Bogdan P. ONAC, Ferenc FORRAY, Mihaly MOLNAR, Robert BEGY, Patrick GINOT


Lacustrine sediments are excellent sources of palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic information because they usually provide continuous and high-resolution records. In centraleastern Europe however lacustrine records that extend beyond the Holocene are rather sparse.
Palaeomagnetic records from this region are also insufficiently explored, and usually associated with terrestrial deposits such as loess. In this context, the lacustrine record of Lake Sf. Ana, a volcanic crater lake in the East Carpathians, Romania, provides an important archive for reconstructing past paleomagnetic secular variation in the region from early Holocene to late Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 3.

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