When Holocene soil formation starts on the loess plateaus of the Vojvodina region in Northern Serbia?

Slobodan B. MARKOVIC, Alida TIMAR-GABOR, Thomas STEVENS, Ulrich HAMBACH, Frank LEHMKUHL, Igor OBREHT, Christian ZEEDEN, Daniel VERES, Milivoj B. GAVRILOV


In this study we evaluated simplified direct comparisons between Pleistocene regional and local terrestrial environmental archives and global deep sea and ice core records. Our recent results of the luminescence dating applied to the Serbian loess-paleosol sequences lead to an important question about the validity of previously generalized direct stratigraphic correlations, as well as
to underline importance of understanding environmental thresholds which controlling
discordances between these paleoclimatic records.


enviromagnetism, Late Pleistocene, loess, luminescence dating, Serbia, loess plateau

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