Drivers of Holocene treeline and timberline changes in the Retezat Mountains (South Carpathians, Romania)

Ildiko VINCZE, Ildiko ORBÁN, Elena MARINOVA, Gusztav JAKAB, Hilary H. BIRKS, Walter FINSINGER, Enikő K. MAGYARI


Four high-altitude lake sediment sequences (Lake Brazi, 1740 m .as.l., Lake Gales 1990 m a.s.l., Lake Bucura, 2040 m a.s.l. and Lake Lia, 1910 m a.s.l.) were analyzed using multi-proxy methods (pollen, stomata, plant macrofossil and micro- and macrocharcoal) in order to study responses of treeline and alpine/subalpine vegetation to climate change and human impact during the last 15000 years. Observing and reconstructing the changes of the position and structure of the treeline can provide valuable information on biotic and other factors such as human activities. Sediment cores were taken from two lakes on the northern slope (Lake Brazi and Lake Gales) and two lakes from the southern slope (Lake Lia and Lake Bucura) in the Retezat Mountains, South Carpathians (Romania).


treeline and timberline changes

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