Quantitative analysis of Soil loss in the Plateau administrative territorial units of Suceava county

Nicoleta MORAR, Vasile EFROS, Sanda ROȘCA


Beginning with the statement that the economic activities of the main sector occupy a majority share in Suceava Plateau, this study aims to highlight the negative impact that the use of the land has on soil. The determination of soil loss from the said area will be accomplished through a GIS analysis using the USLE model (Universal Soil Loss Equation), where, in addition to the land utilization will be taken into consideration a number of other factors regarding the climatic, soil and topographic particularities.  The result of this type of modeling permits an inventory of the soil loss values and the identification of areas where the admitted quality of soil loss is exceeded, therefore, being lost the main nutrient elements of the soil, decreasing fertility. The utility of the USLE model application is found in determining the crops alternation structures or in determining the soil protection measures. Moreover USLE model is an effective tool in defining a territory’s dysfunctions connected to the soil’s degradation, screening an eloquent image of the existing situation regarding the environmental quality in developing the land setup plans

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