Spatial and temporal relevance of some bioclimatic indexes for the study of the bioclimate of Moldova (west of the Prut river)

Dumitru MIHĂILĂ, Petruț Ionel BISTRICEAN, Liliana Gina LAZURCĂ


This study originated in the necessity to identify usable bioclimatic indexes with good results in the overall bioclimatic characterization of Moldova west of the Prut River (hereinafter Moldova). For reasons related to the extent of the text, we have analyzed only a part of the bioclimatic indexes known in the literature (TEE - Equivalent Effective Temperature, THI - Thermo-hygrometric index, DI THOM - Thom Discomfort Index, RSI - Relative Strain Index, HI - Heat index, HUMIDEX - HUMIDEX index, SSI - Summer SIMMER Index, ISE - Summer SCHARLAU Index, ISH - Winter SCHARLAU index and Pr -  Wind-chill Index). Considering the large number of indexes (which vary in their structure and limitations of use) and a representative number of stations (14 stations), we have based our analytical approach on a standard time interval equal to one month. We have thus acquired a temporal resolution that enables us to identify the representativeness or non-representativeness of these indexes for Moldova and also their relevance / usefulness in depicting distinctive or detailed features of the Moldova bioclimate

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