The role of tourist image factor in the capitalization of a hydromineral resource potential. Case study: Turda Salt Mine



As one of the most important tourist attractions of Transylvania, Turda Salt Mine, has been visited by about 2 milion Romanian and foreign tourists, since its opening in 1992. As a tourist attraction based on a hydromineral resource - salt water, Turda Salt Mine's existence itself is due to salt and its exploitation since Middle Ages. This magnificent and uncommon  spot was ranked by some famous publications, for example Business Insider, as the most beautiful underground place in the world. Likewise, Turda Salt Mine is ranked as one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world. With such a reputation and taking advantage of Transylvania's worldwide notoriety, of course the role of its tourist image is increasing and  it's mainly about following two directions in the promotion process, the continuously redefining and improving its distinctive profile as a tourist destination, on the one hand, and the continuous effort of enlarging its notoriety, on the other hand.

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