Suhard Massif - Analysis of touristic potential and development

Vasile EFROS, Liviu CARP


Suhard Massif is a crystalline entity located in the northern part of the Eastern Romanian Carpathians, partly overshadowed by the neighboring mountain ranges – Rodna and Călimani Mts, both in terms of actual geographical knowledge of these areas, as well as from a touristic point of view. During recent years, a physical-geographical study was dedicated to this massif, which also allowed for an analysis of the natural potential of the area, which can in turn constitute the foundation for touristic development and use.  General aspects, such as the length of the main ridge, the presence of constant elevation levels, dominant peaks, a large variety of valleys, the ample extension of forests within the land cover of the massif and the absence of human intervention are all factors which could contribute to a substantial increase in touristic attractiveness for all categories of tourists