The conceptual-methodological evolution, from a geographical perspective, of the research of the atmospheric factors that affect the people in a community



In the current context, although modern man lives in an increasingly anthropized environment, aspiring to gain absolute control of his niche of development, we see that the influence of weather and climate factors on socio-dynamic homeostasis and population health is increasingly oscillating and more difficult to control/ predict. In this study we aim to supply the attention of environmental specialists with a selection of observations and papers belonging to researchers and specialists in fields that address the health of the population in relation to environmental factors, with a focus on weather and climate. Although scientifically accredited records and measurements show that there is great variability and marked changes in environmental factors in a relatively short time, and studies show that this variability and changes have a strong impact on the well-being of the population, such issues continue to be neglected at the level of institutions and decision-makers, who should focus on human health and safety.

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