Natural factors which attract tourists in the spa resorts of the contact sub-mountain area between Sucevița and Soveja-Vizantea

Constantin ROȘU, Dumitru MIHĂILĂ, Petruţ-Ionel BISTRICEAN, Vasilică-Dănuț HORODNIC


The attraction of some spa resorts does not depend only on their accessibility, on built facilities or on the existence of the representative anthropic objectives, but also on several natural factors, as the air physical and chemical features, the bio-climatic features, the presence of mineral springs, of salt mines or of some really valuable landscape elements. This study aims to underline the importance of the natural factors of tourist attraction, especially on the balneary-climatic resources of the spa resorts in the East base of the Eastern Carpathians between Sucevița and Soveja-Vizantea. The analysis of the role played by the natural factors of cure, relaxation, treatment and recovery highlights their importance as potential attraction elements for the recreation, sportive or health tourism. The results obtained reinforce the fact that the contact sub-Carpathian area along the alignment between Sucevița and Soveja-Vizantea disposes of a very valuable saving bioclimate, mineral springs and salt mines which amplify the attraction and value of the stations that appeared and developed over the years at Sucevița, Solca, Cacica, Gura Humorului, Oglinzi, Bălțătești, Piatra Neamț, Sărata, Târgu Ocna, Slănic Moldova, Soveja and Vizantea.

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