Analysing a major risk factor for the quality of the Bistrița River: mining activities in the Suceava County

Ruxandra IONCE


Mining has been one of the main drivers of the economy in the Suceava County. However, both during and after the cessation of mining activities, in addition to incorrect or incomplete closure procedures, pollution events have been recorded, as mine waters continue to be discharged into the dense hydrographic network around the Bistrița River. The Bistrița River, the most important watercourse along the mining perimeters analysed, collects all the waters that cross the contaminated sites and carry along pollutants that not only affect the water quality, but also the aquatic ecosystems and, indirectly, human health. The present paper sets out to analyse the influence of the polluted waters carried by the Puciosu, Crucea, Isipoaia and Neagra Șarului creeks based on a quantitative evaluation of specific indicators and a qualitative risk evaluation matrix.

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