Evaluation of the bioclimate of submontane resorts located between Sucevița and Slănic Moldova based on the THI index

Constantin ROȘU, Dumitru MIHĂILĂ, Petruţ-Ionel BISTRICEAN


The present study aims to evaluate the bioclimatic potential of the submontane region between Sucevița and Slănic Moldova based on the THI thermo-hygrometric index, for which we used monthly data covering the period 1961-2013. From the analysis of this index, we aimed to identify the annual and multiannual regime of bioclimatic features for the targeted study area.  The purpose of this study is to highlight the favorable periods of the year, when the comfortable and favorable time for outdoor activities prevails. The information obtained reinforces that there are resorts in the submontane contact area along the alignment between Sucevița and Slănic Moldova has a sedative-indifferent bioclimate, sparing with long periods of the year (from May to September) favorable for outdoor tourism activities: hiking, cycling, mountain biking, Nordic walking.

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