Glacial and periglacial geo-morphosites in the upper basin of Ialomiţa river (Bucegi Massif, Romania)



The analysis of geo-morphosites as a method used to appreciate the value of geomorphological sites is one of the most accurate methods one can use, as it relies on their comparison and on their integration into a series of patterns that largely eliminate subjectivism and errors. There are several approaches in the evaluation of geo-morphosites, known by the name of those who initiated them (E. Reynard, J. P. Pralong etc.) and they can be applied as such or can be adapted according to the specific features of the region that the geo-morphosites belong to, as well as according to the purpose of their analysis (scientific, touristic, economic etc.). In the present study, we have tried to identify the sites with a glacial and periglacial genesis of a scientific, economic and tourist interest from the upper basin of Ialomiţa River, using the Pralong method. The application of the evaluation criteria (scenic, scientific, cultural and economic) have allowed us to obtain global values for the geo-morphosites in the area under analysis, which later on could be used in the framework of the Bucegi Massif and then could be compared to others from the Romanian Carpathians (Ciucaş, Ceahlău etc.)


geo-morphosites, glacial, periglacial, Ialomiţa, identification assessment, potential

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