Suceava Anthropic Torrential Basin - Prolegomena

Andrei-Emil BRICIU


One problem discussed by urban hydrology today is the draining influence of the modern cities over the natural drainage systems. The increasing urban areas and of their imperviousness all over the
world is linked to floods shape modifications and unpredicted systemic implications.  Generally, the draining influence of a city over its environment begins when it has a surface great enough to create an anthropic-generated runoff during a rain with enough
precipitations to provoke waters accumulation into street torrents.
The size, imperviousness, precipitations, drainage system and water consumption of the Suceava city are analysed in order to estimate the discharge of the city into Suceava river at various rainfalls.
The article is structured as follows:
1. Argumentation on the class separation between natural and anthropic torrential basins.
2. Placing Suceava city as one of the torrential anthropic basins in Romania using basic arguments.
3. Extending one of the argument, the importance of the rainfalls, in more detailed discussions (rainfall characteristics mainly, but also its cumulative effect with the floods on the Suceava river and the consumption of water in the city, with two scenarios).
4. The city is analysed as being integrated into a metropolitan area which can exacerbate the influence of the main city over the surrounding natural drainage basins nearby that area.
5. Conclusions, where measures are proposed in order to diminish the potential negative effects on environment and human society.
This article is only an introduction to a more detailed analysis which will be complete with further field data.


urban hydrology, rainfall, floods, theoretic calculus, runoff.

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