Gheorghe CHEIA


Science and its development has been a priority of human society by centuries. The human society increment dues to scientific progress and advanced research in this domain. Geography promoted as science, and also tourism geography, one of its branch, possess their own research tools which analyze the two main types of resources: natural and manmade. 

In the research process, the tourism geography uses traditional
geographical methods (observation, analysis, synthesis) and specific methods as well. One of the most commonly used classification of specific methods is the one that focusses on quantitative andqualitative methods,  each of them having their own specific tools of research. Regarding qualitative methods we centered our atention on interviw method, focus-group, and document analysis; in point of quantitative methods, the statistical method and the model method (touristic flow  odel, territorial model, theoretical model of settlement, etc) preempt an distinguished role in the research domain.  


quantitative method, qualitative method, research, tourism. Cuvinte cheie: metoda cantitativă, metoda calitativă, cercetare, turism

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