The application of GIS in Mapping Landslide Susceptibility in Măhăceni Tableland

Bogdan ONAC, Sandu TODICĂ, Virgil SURDEANU


As a first step forward in regional hazard management, the likelihood frequency ratio model was
used to produce a landslide susceptibility map in Mahaceni tableland. We constructed the
essential spatial database of landslides using GIS techniques. Landslide inventory followed
measurements on 73 new and partial stabilized landslides, using a Magellan Explorist 600 Gps
with a 3m precision on field. Landslide data was then processed in GIS and we realized a
present-day susceptibility map in Măhăceni Tableland. The map was then verified on field and
the results were validated. The affecting factors such as lithology, slope angle, elevation,
aspect, land use, distance to stream network, fragmentation depth and slope curvature are
recognized. The relationship between the factors and the landslides were calculated using
frequency ratio model. The relationships were overlaid to determine each factor’s rating for
landslide susceptibility mapping. By combining each factor’s weighted values, we could
realize the landslide susceptibility map for Măhăceni Tableland. Information on susceptibility
map could be useful for explaining the known existing landslides, making emergency
decisions and relieving the efforts on the avoidance and mitigation of future landslide hazards.


landslides, susceptibility, frequency ratio, GIS, Măhăceni Tableland

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