The territorial evolution of Piatra-Neamț urban space in the context of geographical and historical premises

Cătălina-Elena ROŞU, Ioan-Aurel IRIMUŞ


The study approaches the problematic of the urban territorial evolution of Piatra-Neamț regarding the geographic and historical factors. The objective of the study was to identify and to analyze the evolution stages of this city from its very beginning, 2000 years ago. There was established as a reference point the morphology of the territory with the altitude levels and the communist regime period analyzing the stages of evolution before, during and after this political regime. The extending of the territory was analyzed according to three altitude levels that define the morphology of the territory. The territorial evolution presents oscillations and constraints induced by the morphological factors, and by the political regime. The result is a detailed study of the territory extending and a relevant cartographic representation consisting in the territorial evolution map of Piatra-Neamț city.

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