Aging Population - a Problem of the Contemporary Romanian Society

Maria-Magdalena LUPCHIAN


The aging of the Romanian population is a phenomenon that begins to manifest increasingly. With an average of 16.14% old people, there are significant differences both between residential areas and at the territorial level. The problems of the older people are multiple and increasingly intractable in the context of the external migration of young adults and of the health system challenges. This article aims, on the one hand, to analyze the size of the aging population at the local level and secondly, to identify possible answers of the Romanian society to the problems of older people. In this context the attitude of the members of the society, old or not, towards the problems of older people is analyzed. How does the society respond to the needs of older people? Who are the actors involved in solving the problems of older people? Do Romanian authorities succeed in dealing with this challenge? Is the Romanian society aware of the change of the family structure and of the consequences that this implies?

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