PAGES 2k - Overview of recent products and progress

Michael N. EVANS


The goals of the PAGES 2k project include placing recent global change within the context of the past 2000 years (the 2k interval), and identifying the processes most likely to explain those observations. The 2k project is organized into 9 regional working groups and several transregional initiatives. We encourage an inclusive, international, community-driven, interdisciplinary and open source approach driven by workshops, searchable public metadatabases, virtual collaborations and peer reviewed publications. In this contribution, I will review products from Phase 1 (2006-2015) and progress in Phase 2 (2015-2016), including development of temperature, stable isotope and hydroclimate-relevant observational metadatabases; continental-scale surface temperature and regional and global scale sea surface temperature reconstructions and syntheses; comparison of observed and simulated temperatures; and assessment of the timing of the onset of industrial warming. More information is at:

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