Palaeoenvironmental changes of Orawa-Nowy Targ Basin in the Late Glacial and Holocene recorded in sediments of Grel raised bog

Danuta J. MICHCZYŃSKA, Włodzimierz MARGIELEWSKI et al.


The Grel raised peat bog is located in the Ludźmierz village vicinity in the Orawa-Nowy Targ Basin. This raised bog, has heavily degraded peat dome covered with numerous post excavation pits which are the results of peat extraction for local purposes. Peat bog is overgrown with birch and pine forests and typical vegetation for raised bog. First palynological study of the peat depositional sequence was performed by Koperowa (1962). The beginning of the peat bog formation was then attributed to the Oldest Dryas. Consequently the Grel is the oldest peat bog in the peatland of the Orawa-Nowy Targ Basin

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