Non-marine Ostracoda in Sağlık plain, Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, since the Late Glacial to mid-Holocene

Ceran SEKERYAPAN et al.


We present the freshwater ostracod stratigraphy of former lake, in Sağlık plain, South Central Anatolia, Turkey, since the Last Late Glacial until the mid-Holocene. Podocopoid (non-marine) ostracods were identified in Sağlık II (SAĞ II) core whose the lowermost part goes back to 15500 years ago. Both smooth and noded forms of Cyprideis torosa (Jones, 1850), Candona sp. (Baird, 1845), Ilyocypris sp. (Brady & Norman, 1889), Darwinula stevensoni (Brady & Robertson, 1870), Plesiocypridopsis newtoni (Brady & Robertson, 1870), and Prionocypris zenkeri (Chyzer&Toth, 1858) were the observed species

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