Paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental fluctuations inferred for the Middle and Late Pleniglacial transition and Late Pleniglacial (MIS3/MIS2 and MIS2) based on high-resolution (ca. 35 and 70 years) complex sedimentological and paleoecological data from the

Sümegi PÁL et al.


The Katymár brickyard profile, found at the northernmost fringe of the Backa loess plateau, is one of the thickest and best developed last glacial loess sequences of Central Europe. In the present work high resolution (at 2 cm and 4 cm intervals representing ca. 35 and 70 years) magnetic susceptibility, grain-size, LOI, water-solution trace elements measurements and pollen, phytholithic, anthracological and malacological analyses were implemented on samples derived from the 11,5 m profile corresponding to a period between 35,000 and 13,000 cal BP years (from the terminal phase of MIS3 to the end of MIS2).

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