Climate favourability for tourism in the basin of the Suceava River

Constantin COCERHAN, Luminița LĂZĂRESCU


The main characteristics of the climatic elements along with the other physical-geographic elements in the Suceava river basin (relief, hydrographic network, biogeographical aspects) determine the main directions of tourism development in the area and influence the territorial distribution of different types and forms of tourism within the studied area. The analysis of the observation data taken from the meteorological stations within the studied area, the selection of the representative climatic parameters from the tourism perspective were the basis for drawing up the climate favourableness scale for tourism for Suceava's hydrographical basin. This instrument allowed, on the basis of quantitative and qualitative analysis of specific climatic tourism parameters, a series of assessments on the climatic-tourist potential of the space of favourability for practicing certain types and forms of tourism.

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