An assessment of in-channel alluvia (aits) in the Suceava River near Suceava city, NE Romania

Gabriela FLORESCU, Andrei-Emil BRICIU, Simon Mark HUTCHINSON


A study was conducted to investigate the change in physical
and geochemical composition of alluvial sediments in three selected aits
along Suceava River, upstream and downstream of the Suceava urban
area. Water chemical analyses were also carried out. Pit profiles were
dug for each ait to assess the variability of sediment composition with
depth. We used grain size distribution, organic matter and carbonate
content, elemental geochemistry and magnetic properties to highlight
vertical and horizontal variability of the selected parameters. Results
show spatially distinct sources for the alluvial material deposited as aits,
i.e., input of finer sediments in the upstream part (main river) and coarser
material deposited in the downstream part (tributaries). Sediments and
water downstream of Cetății Creek are characterized by high organic
content, sulphur and heavy metal concentrations, resulting primarily
from the discharge of the polluted waters of this tributary into Suceava

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