Comparative measurements of water and air parameters in stream corridors of Suceava County, Romania

Andrei-Emil BRICIU, Luciana-Alexandra COSTAN (BRICIU), Dinu Iulian OPREA


Monitoring of water temperature and air temperature and relative humidity was carried out for four streamwaters (Suceava, Vițău, Brodina, Dorna) and the surrounding air in stream corridors of the Eastern Carpathian Mountains during summer months of 2011 and 2018. Measurements with high temporal resolution reveal average water and air temperatures (in the selected time intervals) that ranged between 12°C and 16.8°C and, respectively, between 13.8°C and 17.2°C. The monitoring sites offer cool to warm bioclimatic conditions, with the mention that the bioclimatic comfort is reached during daytime in the forests that borders the studied streamwaters. Streamwaters in valleys below 700 m above sea level have warm waters (temperatures greater than 21-22°C) during the afternoons and ideal for bathing or swimming, especially in reaches with deeper water (such as Suceava River). Also, neither cold, nor warm waters can often be found in all sites during summer months.

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