Some of the bioclimatic peculiarities of thermal water resorts located in western Romania

MIHAILA Dumitru, BRICIU Andrei-Emil, BISTRICEAN Petruţ-Ionel, ȘUȘU Adriana-Augustina


The paper captures some of the spatial differences and similarities, as well as the temporal peculiarities of the bioclimate of the Băile Felix, Moneasa, Geoagiu and Băile Herculane thermal water resorts, which were monitored during field observations between November 2015 and July 2017, within the project PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-2900. To outline the temporal succession of different bioclimatic conditions in the studied resorts, we were able to calculate the thermohygrometric index (THI) and the DI Arakawa Discomfort Index (DIA) based on temperature and humidity data measured with field iButton sensors. The collected field data allowed us to calculate only these two bioclimatic indices, since they can be obtained using only the air temperature and humidity measured values. In this study, we preferred to use at least two bioclimatic indices, which would allow for a comparison between their bioclimatic values and ratings, rather than to employ a single index without having benchmark data for assessing its values. The values and temporal variability of the indices showed contradictory results for the four thermal water resorts. The annual and diurnal intervals of bioclimatic comfort and discomfort indicated by the two indices are not identical in terms of timing and duration. Taking into account both these findings and the results obtained in a series of previous studies, we consider the THI values more reliable compared to DIA, which visibly contradicts the bioclimatic conditions of the four Romanian tourist resorts. Therefore, based on the data provided by THI only, we highlighted the favorability of these locations for general and health tourism and the high degree to which the bioclimate with sedative characteristics complements and supports the balneary cure and treatment provided in the specialized treatment centers of the respective resorts.

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