A few observations regarding floods produced in 2008 in the Siret basin



In the northern half of Moldova in the period 23.07-05.08.2008 abundant rainfall fell in torrential regime, which caused flooding in large areas resulting in numerous material
damages and even human casualties. The highest amounts of rainfall fell in this time as two have made successive totalize 178.6 l/m2 in Siret, 284 l/m2 to Brodina, 431.9 l/m2 to Vicovu de Jos, 297.3 l/m2 to Horodnic, l/m2 to Sucevita 265.8, 202.6 l/m2 in Radauti, 169.0 l/m2 to Suceava. The rainfall caused the exception viituri especially in basins
Suceava and Moldova. And on the Siret River (its the top) were viituri important but, to the confluence with the River Suceava, peak flows have not exceeded 1000 m3 / s (920
m3 / s at Siret). Downstream of the confluence with the river of Moldova, viitura river that was not exceptional, flows on the river Siret reached yet in 2930 m3 /s at station hydrometric Drăgeşti. The largest flood resulting in huge material damage occurred throughout the length of the River Suceava and its tributaries upstream of the city of Suceava and Siret River between the confluence with the river to Suceava and Bacău.


Siret river basin area, historical flood flows, material damage

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