The way of land use in the perimeter of town Podu Iloaiei.

Irina Elena TODAŞCĂ


Podu Iloaiei is situated in the south part of Jijia Plain, in Bahlui hydrographic basin. The relief is predominantly
sculptural, followed by the accumulation relief. There are quaternary and basarabian  sediments/deposits. The climate is temperate-continental with dryness nuances which
contributed to the growth of forest steppe vegetation. The hidrography is represented by Bahlui river and its main tributary: Bahluet. Pedological layer is influenced by the particular factors and processes of pedogenesis of Podu Iloaiei. There are spread types of
soil from the following soil classes:cernisols, fluvisols, protisols and anthrosols. Podu Iloaiei perimeter didn’t have a spectacular evolution concerning its target. Its use is predominantly agricultural(83%), no matter the period studied(before and after 1990) or
its recently rural-urban administrative structure. We may speak, in this case, about the existence of an agricultural-town. Many lands of Podu Iloaiei research station were taken over after 1990, by local entrepreneurs who preserve the modern techniques of land use,
inherited from it. More than that, it feels the pressure of Iasi city, which determined some lands to get real interest.


Bahlui hydrographic basin, land use, arable, agricultural-town, pastures, hayfields, fond forest, vineyards, orchards, Podu Iloaiei research station

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