A Personality of Romanian Geography: Prof. dr. Ion Bojoi. A Special Look Over His Activity at Suceava (1973-1984)

Ioan IOSEP, Vasile EFROS


Ioan Bojoi was born on 14 February 1936, in Cordun village, in the old Flămânzi Commune (which became a city in 2004), in Botoșani county. He was originally from a modest peasant family without wealth. At a young age (15 years) he first loses his mother and shortly after that, only 5 years later, his father. In these conditions, without their moral and material support, his only option was to get an education. Thus, he successfully followed and graduated as valedictorian, the classes of the renowned “A. T. Laurian” high school (1949-1953), after which he enrols at the Faculty of Natural Science-Geography, Geology-Geography section of the “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iași (1953-1958), where he also graduates as a valedictorian, with a Merit Diploma.