A personality of Romanian geography: Prof. dr. Ion Bojoi. A special look over his activity at Suceava (1973-1984). In memoriam Prof. dr. Ion Bojoi (1936-1998) − 80 years since his birth

Ioan IOSEP, Vasile EFROS


The Department of Geography from USV owes much to Professor Ion Bojoi, which for 11 years set his mark in his capacity as teacher and researcher, setting the stage, after the classical period illustrated by Laurian Someșan and Nicolae Popp, to a new phase in its development, oriented towards modernization and applied sciences. From a total of about 100 published works, a great portion of them (about 25%) were realised during his time at the University of Suceava. In order to provide the overall picture of professor I. Bojoi’s scientific contributions we will introduce not only those works published by him during his time in Suceava (1973-1984), but also the ones published over the course of his entire career, which spanned over four decades.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4316/GEOREVIEW.2019.29.1.417